A guided breathing meditation

This meditation takes around 11 minutes. This one is really better done by yourself so if you can get 10 minutes or so to yourself, somewhere quiet that would be good.

Remember that you don’t have to be in lotus position, you can just sit in a chair, on the sofa, or in bed but have your back straight and your legs in front of you. It will help. Take a few moments to get yourself comfortable before you start so that you don’t get distracted when the meditation starts, but if you do need to adjust how you are sitting in the meditation, do so, You don’t have to sit perfectly still and be uncomfortable!

Scan your body for any tension. Working your way through your body, tensing and releasing the muscles is a good way to do it. So maybe start at your feet and tense them, hold and then release to relax and do that throughout your body, toes, feet, legs, bum, tum, shoulders, arms, hands, roll your head gently, tense the muscles in your face.


louise birt