Why I created makemindspace

I wanted to create space. Space in my mind and in my life. Now I want to help you create it in yours too.

Modern life is crazy. Exciting. Stimulating. Full of possibilities.

And possibly a bit overwhelming too at times…

Makemindspace is a place where you can start to slow your beautiful mind down a little. It’s a place to create some space between the thoughts; to stop the endless mental scrolling so that you can reduce the stress and anxiety that we now accept as an inevitable part of our daily lives. Of course some level of stress in life is inevitable and to some extent necessary to push us forward, to help us thrive, to keep us alive. But the level of unnecessary stress that we are under and the effect that this has on us mentally, neurologically, physically and spiritually is unprecedented. We don’t even know the extent of the impact of this stress yet, we are only now starting to wake up to it and measure it.

This is why I wanted to create makemindspace . I don’t accept that we have to accept these levels of anxiety in ourselves and in our children and I truly believe that there is another way. Don’t worry! I don’t think we need to all go and hide in a hut and meditate for the rest of our lives, cut off from the technology that has made so many things possible. I think we can start to make a change in our modern lives by learning how to harness our minds and create some much needed space within them.

Makemindspace is primarily about meditation. I am a meditation teacher. But it’s about so much more. It’s about wellness, it’s about creativity, it’s about understanding our energy so that we can live with more intentionality and peace.

At makemindspace you will find daily inspiration (most days!), audio meditations, meditation techniques, hints and tips, but also articles on wellness, Reiki, energy and life in general. You will also find links to my expanders and their work. I will post details and links to the inspirational teachers that have expanded my life and continue to do so on a daily basis.

I hope that this will help you to expand your life so that you can create more space in your mind and my dream is that we do this together by creating both an online community and a physical community through the classes, workshops, talks and coaching that I offer.

So welcome to makemindspace. I present this to you mindfully and with care. I present this to you with intentionality and in the hope that you will use this space to live your life with greater clarity, focus and space.