Try mindfulness meditation


Mindfulness meditation

Get yourself into a comfortable position. You can sit on the floor, you can sit on a chair. Lots of people teach that you need to sit up straight, but being comfortable is probably the most important. You don’t have to sit with legs crossed and your hands in your lap, but if you want to and you can sit peacefully like that, then do that.

Now lets remove some of the tension for your body. Roll your shoulders forwards three times, then backwards.  Now pull them up close your ears and let them drop. Roll your head to left (three times) and now to the right. Now let it return and rest to the centre. Now close your eyes. Know that you are safe, know that you are well. If you are worried about closing your eyes, you can leave them open but as a default position, try this with them closed.

Take a deep breath in.

Now breath out.

Breath in.
Breath out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.

Now say to yourself, silently in your mind – I am breathing in.

I am breathing out.
I am breathing in.
I am breathing out

Now continue to breath in and breathe out repeating that quietly to yourself.

Don’t worry if your mind drifts off, it will drift off that’s fine. Just bring it back to the breathe and continue to repeat.

Let them breath in and and out for ten repetitions.

Now as you breathe in, start to bring your awareness back into the room, back into your body, feel the breathe as it flows in through your nostrils and into your abdomen and feel it as it leaves. Gently move your fingers and your toes and when you are ready open your eyes.

louise birt