Thank you for a great session at Yogific...


Yogific Festival Oxford

I had the honour of teaching class on Mindfulness Meditation in Oxford at the wonderful Yogific Festival. Yogific is a really nourishing Yoga and Vegan Festival. You don’t have to be vegan or plant based to go and you don’t need to be a super bendy yogi either. Trust me, I’m not…

The energy in the room was beautiful and it was a real joy to teach a new group of people and have time to talk to some of them later on about the insights that they had experienced while meditating and being remind of mindfulness practices.

Most meditations start with the breath. Whether you use the breath to settle yourself initially and then move on to a different practice or whether the breath is the focus of the meditation. The thing that I love about zen meditation is its simplicity. There is something pure about using the breath as the way of grounding yourself in the present moment. There is stillness in the focus that you use. Great peace comes being centred first in your breath and then in your body. Great beauty comes from seeing the world with that focus. Colours are brighter, sounds are clearer, you take everything in, all the minutiae of what is going on around you which you often take for granted. We walk without seeing the colours of the doors of the houses on our street, the leaves on the trees, the way the light changes through the day. It is easy to walk around immersed in our thoughts, not seeing what is in front of us. For me mindfulness meditation brings it all into sharp contrast.

Thank you Yogific for the opportunity to teach. Hopefully you will have me back. They run great festivals all over the country so do check out their website and see if there is one near you.

Oh and a shout out to Happy Scents - I bought a candle for my practice form them and it is just heaven.

Namaste lovelies!

louise birt